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Youth in Ontario are facing a future of increasing uncertainty due to climate change, biodiversity loss and the inequities that these two crises have worsened. EEON’s aim is to ensure that education rises to the challenge. We need education to provide students and their families with the ability to address these crises in order to achieve a more sustainable and just society. 

Preparing Environmental Educators for the Sustainability Challenge


Small Grants

EEON is seeking funding in order to establish a Small Grants Fund. Our intention is to provide grants of $1000 to $5000 to indigenous and racialized educators for environmental education projects. Sign up to our mailing list to receive notification when the Small Grants Fund is ready to receive applications.



Advocacy & Policy

EEON’s advocacy work is currently focused on several related priorities including: integrating environmental education, climate learning and action into the formal education system, ensuring that teachers are equipped and supported to play their role as environmental educators, and giving prominence to the voices and actions of Indigenous, Black and other racialized groups and individuals across the province.



Links to Research

Here you will find resources and research that inform our work and reflect the importance of environmental education, including climate change education and environmental justice, from a variety of sources.


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