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Mission draft


Our goal is to address gaps in public education concerning the crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and social injustice. We advocate for curriculum reform, improved teacher education, and increased funding to prepare students for the unprecedented challenges of our time.


We aim to work with partners to foster programs/projects in education at all levels, creating change at individual, community and systemic levels. We share research and resources, build alliances and connections, and promote understanding and adoption of best practices in environmental and climate change education.

Vision draft


Ontario public schools provide every student with cross-curricular climate change education that is based on science, and addresses the ethical, cultural, political, social and economic dimensions of this complex issue. Every student is climate-literate and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle climate change, adapt to uncertainties, and take an active role in building a more sustainable future. 

Land Acknowledgement


Ontario is the traditional territory of many Indigenous peoples who have cared for these lands and waters since time immemorial. This region is covered by over 40 different treaties; many of these treaties were instruments of colonial dispossession. As educators, we are committed to decolonization and reconciliation, which require recognizing the intergenerational harms caused by settler-colonialism and white supremacy to Indigenous people. We work toward right relations by honouring reciprocal relations with land, water, and all forms of life; respecting Indigenous teachings and learning from Indigenous teachers. May we do so with humility, gratitude, and dedication.

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