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More than half of Ontarians would reduce their environmental footprint for financial or health reasons

Over half of Ontario’s residents (52%) say they’d change their behaviours to reduce their impact on the environment in order to save money or prevent illness. This is just one of the findings from a new survey by Environmental Education Ontario (EEON), a registered charity whose landmark report, Greening the Way Ontario Learns, helped to shape the province’s curriculum.

According to the survey, conducted by Oracle Poll Research in late 2015, financial and health incentives were the most popular motivators for change, while a desire to help the ecosystem as well as others were the next most popular. Other responses addressed their knowledge and their opinions. For example, 72% believe the government needs to do more about Ontario’s environmental problems and 85% believe protecting the environment is important for your health.

This report is the first of its kind for Ontario. “Having a ‘report card’ like this to better understand Ontarians’ knowledge and motivations, can help those who are trying to promote change and increase awareness This is true whether you’re a green business, non-profit or the government”, noted Adam Rennie, Chair.

“Given the province’s recent announcement regarding its climate change plan and the ever-growing discussion about the social determinants of health, knowing where Ontario’s residents stand is important for anyone who wants to effect change.”


  • When asked to name the environmental issues that they knew of affecting Ontarians, water quality was the most popular (21%) while climate change and air pollution were tied at 16% each. Garbage was at the bottom of the list (4%).
  • Financial and health incentives would most influence them to change their behaviours to reduce their environmental footprint. Reducing gridlock (2%) and saving energy (2%) were least likely to influence them.
  • 85% of respondents agreed that protecting the environment is important to their health.
  • 72% agreed that more government action is needed to solve the province’s environmental problems.
  • 20% say that high costs prevent them from doing more to protect the environment

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Environmental Education Ontario is a registered charity with the vision of an Ontario where every individual adopts behaviours that reflect a commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations.

For more information, contact Adam Rennie at or call (647) 281-2135.