Party Policies on Environmental Issues

The Liberals

Introduced Cap-and-trade policy and have collected $2.4 billion. Priority investments include:

  1. Improving Energy Efficiency in Homes, Buildings and Industry (approximately $960 million)

Helping homes and companies adopt low-carbon technologies. Examples include: Enhancing existing home energy audit and retrofit programs; and Improving social housing retrofits.

  1. Promoting Electric Vehicles (approximately $160 million)

Addressing barriers to improve uptake of electric vehicles. Examples include: Providing incentives for purchase or lease of EVs; and Increasing electric vehicle charging stations.

  1. Engaging Governments and Strengthening Partnerships (approximately $200 million)

Collaborating with partners to achieve emission reduction targets. Examples include: Supporting municipalities with low-carbon projects; and Supporting First Nation communities

  1. Modernizing Transit, Freight and Active Transportation (approximately $600 million)

Linking different modes of low-carbon transportation. Examples include: GO Regional Express Rail; and Building cycling lanes and infrastructure

  1. Preserving Agriculture Lands and Forests (approximately $25 million)

Ensuring the natural environment is used in an efficient and sustainable way. Examples include: Planting 50 million trees to restore forests; and Improving agricultural soil health.


Source – Ontario budget 2018 –


Ontario NDP

  1. Fresh local food and safe clean water

Develop a Provincial Food and Water Strategy, to promote health through access to healthy food, put public access to drinking water first, and strengthen the resilience of Ontario’s food systems.

  1. Smoother commutes, shorter drives and more transportation choices

Will fund 50% of net transit and paratransit operating costs across Ontario, will build Toronto’s Downtown Relief Line ASAP, will update Ontario’s Cycling Strategy and pass a Vulnerable Road Users’ Law

  1. Protecting our environment and taking action on climate change

Will continue with cap-and-trade market; 25% of cap-and-trade revenues will go to support lower-income, rural, and northern households, and trade-exposed industries; will introduce a new $50 million no-interest and on-bill home retrofit program to help people consume less power at home; will update the Environmental Bill of Rights




Green Party

  1. Protect air, water and farmland.

We will expand the Greenbelt. We will invest $200 million over 4 years to pay farmers to protect water and store carbon. We will require an assessment of the cumulative impacts of all sources of air pollution before issuing new air emission permits, and we will push for a ban on fracking

  1. Set Ontario on a pathway to 100% renewable energy

Get low cost water power from Quebec. Invest in your home and business to save energy. Take advantage of the dramatic drop in the price of renewable energy and smart grid storage. Invest in bioenergy. Create a renewable energy plan that puts community benefits before corporate interests.

  1. Getting you home faster

Paying for the public transit infrastructure and services we need. will increase funding for public transit infrastructure by $1 to $1.5 billion per year. will fund 50% of the operating costs of municipal transit systems. Will establish a dedicated long-term fund for municipal walking and cycling infrastructure, investing $2.17 billion over 4 years on safe streets and roads


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Progressive Conservatives

  1. Repeal Ontario’s existing cap-and-trade system and oppose the federally-mandated minimum price on carbon emissions


  1. End Ontario’s Green Energy Act


  1. Cancel energy projectsinitiated by the current Liberal government that are in the pre-construction phase


  1. Issue a moratorium on new energy contracts and re-negotiating other energy contracts