A Report Card for the Province

Where do we stand? How far have we come? How far do we need to go?

To make environmental education effective, we need answers to questions like these. And what better way to assess environmental education than a report card?

Good assessment begins with diagnosis. To start, we need to know where we stand today. Then, we can measure progress from this baseline. For classroom teachers, this is par for the course. For the classroom that is Ontario, it will take a bit of doing!

We’re planning to begin measuring environmental knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours against the indicators outlined in our strategic plan, Greening the Way Ontario Learns. The goal is to have a clear picture of the successes, failures, gaps, and areas for improvement. The information we are gathering will help all those interested in improving environmental education, through:

  • outlining where we stand against key indicators for success (for example, how climate-change literate are we?)
  • suggesting focus areas for program development (do we need more public education on water conservation?)
  • highlighting sectors and topics that need support (are waste management initiatives being overlooked?)

What issues resonate with you? What topics do you think need to be investigated? We’d like to hear from you! Please contact us┬áif you’d like to discuss this project.