EEON has an email-based discussion list (also know as a listserv) where interested individuals can share news, events, and discuss the state of environmental education in Ontario.


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For all involved in improving understanding of and commitment to environmental and sustainability issues whether you are an educator, community group, business, or any of EEON’s 17 audiences.


An interactive online forum where subscribers can post information, questions and comments about resources, articles, events, conferences, courses, summer institutes, teaching ideas, and web sites. Our updated listserv will now keep your format and accept attachments. It is also a good way to make contact with other groups within your audience.


To post messages to the listserv, just email your message to

When posting, please state clearly the subject of your posting (e.g. Recommended Resource: Teaching Sustainability, Grades 4-6). Clarity is important as it allows busy readers to choose which messages are of most interest, and delete others quickly. You will receive a message advising that your message is waiting for acceptance by a moderator.

The EEONlist – A Vital Communication Link

When we founded Environmental Education Ontario in 2000, our overall goal was to advance and strengthen environmental and sustainability education in Ontario. Over the years the EEON listserv has grown, and has become a respected source of communication and information among environmental educators in the province, both those involved in formal education and those from EEON’s many public sector “audiences.” The EEONlist is becoming a virtual “place” for a growing community of thinkers about the role of education on a fragile planet. Together, we can grow the knowledge that we and future generations will need to live well and wisely within the recognized limits of our biospheric home.


If you have any questions or comments about the eeonlist, please e-mail